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Deep Farming Vault Withdrawal Process:

There are two types of withdrawals to the Deep Farming Vault. These withdrawals can be initiated in the Withdrawal Section of the site. You can unstake your rLP and Delta as well as claim your Ethereum and Delta staking rewards. Unstaking Delta and claiming Delta staking rewards will create a Withdrawal Contract.

  1. Staked Token Withdrawals

  2. Reward Withdrawals

Follow the steps below to start the withdrawal process:

Connect your wallet

Go to and connect your wallet by clicking on "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner. Choose Metamask or WalletConnect to complete the process.

On the main page click on Vaults to open the Deep Farming Vault page. Navigate to the DEPOSIT / WITHDRAWAL section of the vault and press on WITHDRAWAL.

If you press "CLAIM" you will start a withdrawal contract for your claimable Delta rewards.

Starting a Withdrawal contract resets the Delta Booster to 1x.

Withdrawal Contract

The Delta Withdrawal Contracts section visualizes the maturing process of your Delta rewards.

You can withdraw your principle (staked Delta) after a two week vesting period.

Finalizing Withdrawal will send the mature Delta to your wallet while the immature Delta will be send to the Deep Farming Vault to be distributed as yield.


If you press unstake all, you will automatically claim ETH rewards, send DELTA rewards to a withdrawal contract and unstake rLP and Delta. Completely leaving the ecosystem.

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