rLP token

The Delta ecosystem started with a Limited Staking Window (LSW). Users were able to contribute Ethereum to the LSW which was used to create liquidity for the Ethereum / Delta Pair on Uniswap. rLP tokens were given in return to the participants.

rLP tokens have a special attribute of periodically rebasing its underlying liquidity and therefore increasing their mint price exponentially. To create maximum value for our early community members, a special launching event was designed called Limited Staking Window. Participants staked Ethereum in the launch contract, in return they receive rLP tokens. After the LSW closes, liquidity rebasing will significantly increase the minting price (~150%), making participation in the LSW much more cost efficient, compared to minting rLP tokens post launch.

Liquidity Rebasing

Liquidity rebasing will continue to increase the minting price of rLP tokens, by 10% each day. As a result, the price of minting new rLP tokens becomes increasingly expensive to the point where they are unobtainable. The advantage of our liquidity rebasing is that the total supply of rLP is limited by time. This will generate advantageous pricing for Limited Staking Window participants and avoid diluting initial contributors.

You can mint new rLP tokens using the website interface by depositing Ethereum.

rLP tokens in the Deep Farming Vault

rLP tokens are used in the Delta ecosystem to provide liquidity for trading and allow its holders to earn yield by staking them in the Deep Farming Vault. rLP tokens receive a fixed booster when staked in the Deep Farming Vault.

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