Claim Referral Bonus

How to claim your Referral Bonus from the LSW

The Limited Staking Window launched with a Referral Bonus Program which pays out participants in Ethereum and rLP. If you have participated in the Referral Bonus Program you can claim your rewards using the follow guides.

Ethereum Referral Bonus Rewards

The Ethereum bonus rewards of our referral program can be claimed from our site, in the Delta Referral Program section:

Connect your wallet

Go to and click on the black "Connect Wallet" button.

Choose Metamask or WalletConnect to complete the process.

Claim your Bonus

After connecting your wallet, you can claim your bonus by clicking on the "CLAIM BONUS" button. Your bonuses will be transferred to your wallet after the transaction has been confirmed.

rLP Referral Bonus Rewards

The rLP bonus rewards from the LSW referral program can be claimed on our site.

If you have referral rLP tokens and you did not contribute to the LSW from that account, you have to first register your address using the Fixer contract. Otherwise you can skip to the following step.

Connect Wallet to rLP Fixer Contract on Etherscan

Navigate to, and press the "Connect to Web3" button. This contract allows you to register the referral address which you used during the Limited Staking Window. This is a necessary step to claim your rLP rewards on our site.

Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect and press OK on the pop window.

Register your address

Click on the 1. fixAddress tab to expand it. Enter the Ethereum address which holds your rLP rewards from the Referral Program in the field below. Press the "Write" button and confirm your transaction.

Wait for the transaction to confirm.

Claim & Stake your rLP tokens

After your transaction was confirmed you can navigate to and connect your wallet. Click on "Claim & Stake" or "Claim" and confirm the transaction, to receive your tokens from the Referral Bonus Program.

Congratulations, you have claimed your rLP tokens from the Referral Bonus rewards!

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